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Founded and run by a self-acknowledged collar addict, Aroo Studio makes it easy to keep your pups fashionable. Named for the merry howl of a hound (aroooooo!), Aroo Studio products are handmade to order in California.

We take great care in choosing every last detail of our products. From collar buckles that are curved for comfort, to D rings that are solid cast, not welded, to leash clips that won't get jammed after a day at the beach, our products are made to function flawlessly.

We primarily use sustainable materials such as cotton, organic cotton, and hemp as the base of our collars, leashes, and harnesses. Our hemp webbing is organically grown, chemical free, and soft and sustainable for your dog and the planet.

We are avid supporters of The Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), a California based non-profit that rescues beagles from laboratory testing. We regularly donate collars and leashes, as well as donate a portion of our profits to BFP.